About Us

Weewell is one of the world leaders in baby care electronics through its unique product spectrum and high quality.

The roots of the world wide success of the company are based on its extensive research laboratory for innovative and fully reliable product development with qualified German engineering precision.

In this precise development process, Weewell has the emphasis on the highest quality standards in material and production as expected from the mature expertise in electronics.


Weewell products are designed by combining German engineering and French aesthetics to ease mothers’ life.

The technology and product development capabilities are also nourished from the long years of experience in Consumer Electronics.

Created with real and sincere love for both mother and baby, Weewell is now one of Europe’s most popular baby electronics manufacturer and ready to launch in the U.S. and Asia Pacific its innovative, colorful and stylish baby electronics products.

Each product is completely designed to be both smart and straightforward. From high quality, Weewell thermometers to video monitors, Weewell product spectrum was created in cooperation with mothers, doctors and nurses, and again tested by mothers.

Our mission is to comfort babies and mothers at home and outside with its smart and straightforward products.

The vision is to be known by all mothers of the world as high quality and fully reliable baby electronics brand by monitoring all the needs of mothers and babies even at each country to which Weewell serves.